Writing Update: March 2012 W1 Edition

The initial writing for the first volume of Academy is now complete! I’ve now begun the editing and structuring phase. The world of Academy has been formed in my mind, but I’ve yet to get all the details written down in a formal way. Several minor details and character names also need to be decided, so I’m working on that as well. For the official announcement on March 23rd, I’m considering including 1 or 2 brief character bios as well.

In Library news, an update to Shards of Book One is about 2 weeks away. I now have a good idea of the story that will be included with that update. Unlike the parties in the other chapters, this story will be focused on a far smaller number of characters. The smaller number of characters will change the type of story, but I can assure you that the level of ridiculousness will be raised even higher. ^_^