Writing Update: March 2012 W5 Edition

A new Academy character has been revealed on the Academy Series page!

The first editing pass for The Academy has now been completed! Reading over the work gave me some idea for a few new sections that I think have greatly benefited some of the stories. There’s now a bit more explicit character information as well as world information, especially concerning The Academy itself. During the second editing pass I’ll make sure that this new information blends into the stories and doesn’t ruin the tempo.

I’m happy with the information presented and the order of the stories. I spent a long time wondering just how important the presentation of the stories was in terms of order. Right now the stories are in the order I wrote them and I am happy with that order. “Because I enjoyed writing them that way, the reader should enjoy reading them in that way as well” is my thought.

Writing Update: March 2012 W4 Edition

The Academy: First Volume announcement has just been added to the Academy Series page!

The editing and structural work went especially well this week. Editing is now at 38% completion and only 2 stories remain that require initial editing. Work on the finale to the First Volume will commence soon. Character work has also been going well and has given me many ideas for the future of this series. I have stored these thoughts away for now as I work on the First Volume which I am incredibly excited for.

Publishing the official announcement felt fantastic and I look forward to providing additional character information over the weeks leading up to the First Volume’s release. Of course those descriptions can hardly be called revealing. I will be very pleased if by the time the First Volume is released and read, those character bios are looked back upon as having revealed nothing at all. Well, except for a basic idea of what the series will be about.

Enjoy the beginning of Spring everyone~!

Writing Update: March 2012 W3 Edition

The editing for the first release of Academy is now at 24%. The editing of the stories has been a lot of fun as I get to experience them again and improve upon them. Combining this with the structural work allows for a real sense of cohesion within the work. I hope readers will be able to enjoy this as much as I am able to. Remember that next Friday is the official announcement of Academy’s first volume! The series page will be updated at this time and some information will be revealed.

Today, Shards of Book One has received an update that adds 2 stories. The stories are designed to be interesting and fun. Unlike Raven’s story, there won’t be much new information (well, in a certain sense there will be). The next update for Shards of Book One will be at the very end of April.

Writing Update: March 2012 W2 Edition

The editing for the first release of Academy is now at 12%! I’ve done quite a bit of work this week and I’m very happy with Volume 1 so far. The editing of the first few stories went very well which has given me time to think about the structure of the first volume. “is this a good order for the stories?” and “how much information is required to make this story interesting?” are examples of questions that I cam currently asking myself. I want Academy to be enjoyed in many ways and I want the experience of reading it to be a good one for as many people as possible. Out of the people that can enjoy Academy, I want to write in such a way that the majority of those people will enjoy it.

Next week will be the release of an update to Shards of Book One. This update will be released on Pi Day (Wednesday, March 14th) and will contain 2 new stories for fans of the Library universe.

Writing Update: March 2012 W1 Edition

The initial writing for the first volume of Academy is now complete! I’ve now begun the editing and structuring phase. The world of Academy has been formed in my mind, but I’ve yet to get all the details written down in a formal way. Several minor details and character names also need to be decided, so I’m working on that as well. For the official announcement on March 23rd, I’m considering including 1 or 2 brief character bios as well.

In Library news, an update to Shards of Book One is about 2 weeks away. I now have a good idea of the story that will be included with that update. Unlike the parties in the other chapters, this story will be focused on a far smaller number of characters. The smaller number of characters will change the type of story, but I can assure you that the level of ridiculousness will be raised even higher. ^_^