Writing Update: February 2012 W4 Edition

This week has been very productive! The last portion of writing for Academy is on schedule for completion within a few days. I worked a bit on the structure of the world and I completed 1.5 stories this week. Right now there is a lot of information contained within each story so I plan on spending some of March working on the presentation of information. Certain elements may need to be restructured in order to optimize the experience of reading Volume 1. Due to all of this, I am excited to announce the formal Academy announcement will be March 23rd. At that time the details and release date will be made known.

Once the initial writing of Academy finishes up next week, I’ll get started on the next update for Shards of Book One. I’m asking myself “what type of story should be told?”. Some of the Memories content will be included in the new edition of Book One this summer, so I can’t use those stories. Right now I’m thinking that I might include the original story concept for the Library series in this update. Still, I want to include something in addition to that…

As always, a great idea will probably come to me as soon as I hit the ‘Publish’ button for this post, so I’m going to end here and start the thinking process!