Writing Update: February 2012 W3 Edition

Sorry I missed last Friday’s blog post. While I didn’t officially announce it, I have been aiming to do a new blog post every Friday. The main reason for this was that I didn’t get all that much done last week. This is actually something typical of my writing style which seems to be following a certain pattern (that I’m always working to improve!). The pattern being: period of inactivity (1-2 weeks), period of high activity (1 week, max), period of mixed activity (1-2 weeks). As I’ve been doing well with my writing through week 1 of February, I fell a bit during Week 2 and 3 and I am now doing very well for this week.

Just this weekend I’ve written over 4,000 words for Academy, written a small section of Library: Book Two, and done a good amount of planning work that has renewed my spirit. All of the projects I have in mind continue to be reasonable and 2012 still looks to be my best year yet!

The writing for the first volume of Academy will be finished by the end of February and sometime after that (no later than the start of April) there will be a formal announcement about that work. Around that time (possibly before) there will be another update to Shards of Book One. After the first volume of Academy is released, I’ll continue to work on my other 2012 goals. I have a schedule in mind, but I’m going to keep the exact details a secret for now.