Writing Update: February 2012 W2 Edition

This week I spent some time working on the 8th story for Academy. I expect to finish the first draft of that soon, but there are a few parts I need to think on first. There’s a lot of story that can be told and I’m deciding how much of it to tell. Even if I add in all the parts it won’t get too lengthy, so I imagine by the time production on this first volume is complete, I’ll have written everything I want to for Story 8. Once that is complete, only a few more stories remain before I finish the full first draft of Volume 1!  This project has been very fun to work on so I’m going to try and use all of my energy for these final stories and create a spectacular finale.

The other task I’ve been working on this week is the name for Library: Book One. I’ve come up with a few good ideas and I think I’ve found a good direction for the future. It’s nothing all that exciting right now as Library: Book One will still remain a significant portion of the title, but I think this direction will work well for future books. That announcement is a long way in the future though, so expect to hear more during the summer.

Speaking of the Library Series, I’m also nearing completion on an update to Shards of Book One. This update will be released on Tuesday, Valentine’s Day, and contain two new stories. Publishing these small stories while working on Academy is not only fun, but it also helps me to keep a clear image of the characters and world of the Library Series in my head.