Writing Update: February 2012 W1 Edition

Library: Book One Download Update: The link on the Library Series page for Book One has been updated to the “First Edition, First Revision” version released today. This release contains one typo fix and the new and improved Monument Chapter 1. This is a preview of the Second Edition release coming August 2012.

Second Edition is being slowly put together while I work on Academy (Volume 1). The majority of the edits for Second Edition will be done after the release of Academy.

Academy (Volume 1) Update: Today I’ve added an additional 300 words to one of the existing chapters. More exciting than that is that I’m preparing to write another story for Volume 1. February will be my final month of writing for Academy, so I have until midnight on February 29th to add any new story content. I’ll then dedicate March to initial editing and structuring, with the majority of April being spent doing final edits for the release.

There will be an official announcement announcing the release of Academy (Volume 1) in about a month.