Writing Update: Snowfall Edition

The writing of Academy (Volume 1) has been going incredibly well. There seems to be a good variety of stories as well as information about the structure of the world. My intention was for the stories to have only weak connections, but it seems that there are quite a few strong connections. The work as a whole has an exciting unity because of this so I am very glad that I wrote the stories in this way.

Even with the majority of the stories being written, I am still unsure of how long the first volume will be. I can definitely say that it will surpass 20,000 words but I have no idea how much more it will grow. I already have plans to add new chapters to two of the stories and I may end up writing even more stories as well. This is part of the reason that Academy has been so much fun for me. I am free to write anything that I wish! With the Library series I am constrained a bit more, but there’s a different type of fun to be had from that.

Looking back, I really am very happy with the shape of Academy (Volume 1) and I look forward to seeing how the work progresses in the future.