Writing Update: December 14th Edition

I couldn’t come up with a creative title this time.

I’m currently working on rewriting Memories. There was an unfortunate incident with my previous laptop causing the majority of the first draft to be lost. Luckily that first draft wasn’t all that long and I have a very vivid memory of the things that I wrote. So the process of rewriting Memories won’t take very long, editing will go quickly, and when I reach December 31st it will be released; thus concluding my releases for 2011. My final word count for the year looks to be around 50,000 which is considerably smaller than my final word count for 2012 should be.

Library: Book Two will definitely match or exceed Book One’s length. Academy (Volume 1) will be a fair size. The other project I’ve yet to announce won’t be all that long but will still push my 2012 word count up. And I also have to edit Book One in preparation for a commercial release in August so I’ve got quite a bit to do. While those are my primary tasks, I’m still working on future/potential works as well…. and now I’m getting nervous again.