Writing Update: 3 Days Until Book One’s Release

Reading the title of this post after typing it, a mix of panic and joy emerged within me. At this point I feel like I wrote all of Book One an incredibly long time ago and have been wasting my time since then by not editing it. This is of course not true as I was editing the last chapter yesterday but that’s what it feels like to me. And when I look at Fourth Section I see an incredibly small amount of content even though it reaches over 10,000 words. Maybe if I update the percentages it will make me feel a little better?

Monument : 7,012 words
Abandoned: 11,115 words
Biogrove: 13,055 words
Arcane: 10,913 words

Rough Draft: 100% complete
Editing: 72% complete

Final Product: 90% complete

No, it’s not working. So it’s back to editing for me. And panicking, I can’t forget panicking.

In more fun news I’ve written a few details on what you can expect in the year 2012 below.

Year 2012

*Something will be released in April
*Something will be released in August
*Something will be released in December
*Library: Book Two will be released
*Academy (Volume 1) will be released
*Something not listed here will be released

…now I’m panicking even more. How does that even make sense?!