Writing Update: 10 Days Until Book One’s Release

This approximately 1 year long project is about to come to an end. While the majority of my time was spent planning, I’ve increased my writing pace dramatically these past three months and in those three months I wrote half of the book’s content. I’m very excited to be nearing the release date in order to share the final section with everyone. Currently, the final section comprises 24% of Book One which has surpassed 42,000 words. The fact that I can type that and acknowledge it as a true statement is immensely satisfying so I’ve included some more Book One numbers below.

Monument : 7,012 words
Abandoned: 11,115 words
Biogrove: 13,055 words
Arcane: 10,101 words

Rough Draft: 100% complete
Editing: 42% complete

Final Product: 71% complete

So my goal for these next ten days is to complete about 3% of the book per day. This is incredibly manageable so I am very confident in the December 10th release date. Included in the remainder of this post is the progress on Library: Memories which will be released on December 31st.

Current Word Count: 6,417 words

Rough Draft: 100% complete
Interview: 0% complete
Editing: 20% complete

Final Product: 40% complete