Library: Memories Cancelled

Unfortunately after putting together all of the content for Memories, I found that most of it needed to be added to Book One itself. So there will no Memories release at this time. A future version of Memories will be prepared for next Winter once the final version of Book One is released.

Of course there is still content that I do want to release separate from Book One. So today I will be releasing the first part of a small work entitled ‘Shards of Book One’. This initial release will contain one story involving nearly all of Book One’s characters as well as Character Tips for the characters themselves. This content is approximately 3,200 words in length.

The release can be found on the Library Series page when it is completed.

Writing Update: December 14th Edition

I couldn’t come up with a creative title this time.

I’m currently working on rewriting Memories. There was an unfortunate incident with my previous laptop causing the majority of the first draft to be lost. Luckily that first draft wasn’t all that long and I have a very vivid memory of the things that I wrote. So the process of rewriting Memories won’t take very long, editing will go quickly, and when I reach December 31st it will be released; thus concluding my releases for 2011. My final word count for the year looks to be around 50,000 which is considerably smaller than my final word count for 2012 should be.

Library: Book Two will definitely match or exceed Book One’s length. Academy (Volume 1) will be a fair size. The other project I’ve yet to announce won’t be all that long but will still push my 2012 word count up. And I also have to edit Book One in preparation for a commercial release in August so I’ve got quite a bit to do. While those are my primary tasks, I’m still working on future/potential works as well…. and now I’m getting nervous again.


Library: Book One Released!

I wasn’t originally intending on doing a midnight launch but since I’m awake, why not? The link to download the .PDF is now up on the Library page. My emotions are mostly tiredness mixed with a bit of anxiety which turns into satisfaction before turning back into anxiety. I know that when I wrote the rough draft I was very pleased with how everything turned out so I am confident about this release.

So, where do I go from here?

Library: Memories, the supplementary work to Book One, is my next project. This work will be released December 31st. After that I move onto cleaning up Book One for a commercial release in August 2012. In the meantime I’ll be working on Academy (Volume 1) and Book Two as well. So I’ve got quite a bit to do in 2012.

Anyways, enjoy the release and feel free to let me know what you think.

Writing Update: The Day Before Book One’s Release

 I’ve just finished editing the Discussion for Book One and renaming some of the chapters. The changes to the chapter names can be found below. Further down are the reasons for changing the names. Warning: The explanation for the name changes may contain slight spoilers.

Second Section

  • Chapter Two: Second Section has been renamed Initiation Sector
  • Chapter Three: Halls has been renamed Frigid Halls
  • Chapter Four: Base has been renamed The Abandoned’s Base
  • Chapter Five: April 16th, 2011 has been renamed “Morning of April 16th, 2011”

Third Section

  • Chapter One: Fate has been renamed Memory
  • Chapter Four: Middlegame has been renamed Activation
  • Chapter Five: Capture has been renamed Rescue

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Writing Update: 3 Days Until Book One’s Release

Reading the title of this post after typing it, a mix of panic and joy emerged within me. At this point I feel like I wrote all of Book One an incredibly long time ago and have been wasting my time since then by not editing it. This is of course not true as I was editing the last chapter yesterday but that’s what it feels like to me. And when I look at Fourth Section I see an incredibly small amount of content even though it reaches over 10,000 words. Maybe if I update the percentages it will make me feel a little better?

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Writing Update: 10 Days Until Book One’s Release

This approximately 1 year long project is about to come to an end. While the majority of my time was spent planning, I’ve increased my writing pace dramatically these past three months and in those three months I wrote half of the book’s content. I’m very excited to be nearing the release date in order to share the final section with everyone. Currently, the final section comprises 24% of Book One which has surpassed 42,000 words. The fact that I can type that and acknowledge it as a true statement is immensely satisfying so I’ve included some more Book One numbers below.

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