Academy’s First Weekly Release (plus NaNoWriMo Writing Update)

The first story in my new (and first) short story collection, Academy (Volume 1), is now available via the Release Schedule page. More information can be found (in Q&A format of course) below.

Q: What is Academy about?

A: Academy is a short story collection, so it is about many things. What defines a story as an Academy story is also a little bit difficult to describe. Some stories will take place in The Academy itself while others will have nothing to do with The Academy. So if I had to describe The Academy stories, I would say they are about people, humans. That’s still very vague, so perhaps I’ll be able to come up with a better answer later.

Q: This first story is divided into two chapters, each of a length typical of a Library chapter. Will all stories be this large?

A: Several of the drafts for upcoming stories that take place in The Academy are divided into two chapters. So there will be more stories of this length. However, I expect some stories will be shorter. Even so, many of the stories already have planned sequels so if you factor that in as well… it appears this question is difficult to answer as well!

Q: Speaking of Library, when will we see a full Book One release?

A: The current plan is December 2011, specifically the 10th. I would very much like to release Book One on this date, but it may be pushed back a week or two.

Q: Back to Academy, how many stories will we see in Volume 1?

A: More than 5, but less than 10. The number in my head is 7, though not for any particular reason. I’d like to think that it may change and be more than 7 stories but with the way my mind works, I’ll look at the end of story 7 and say “this is the end of Volume 1”. So in addition to Library: Book One in December, I imagine that Academy Volume 1 will be released soon after.

Writing Update: NaNoWriMo

I’ve fallen a bit behind, but now that the first Academy story has been polished and released, I plan on catching up and going a bit ahead of my weekend goal and reach around 10,000 words. Many ideas for Academy stories are written in the 5,000 words that I’ve written already. Story 1 which was 4,400 words does not count toward my goal as it was written long before November 1st.

I’ll also admit I haven’t written much more for Fourth Section, but I’ve not stopped thinking about the Library series. Not even for a day. So when I start writing again everything should fall into place. I’m very excited to finish Book One so I will definitely get this done before the end of the year. Hopefully all my plans (weekly release, NaNoWriMo, and Book One) come together this month as I’ve hoped.

Really, if everything goes as well as I want, there might even be an early release of Library: Book One. I really hope that happens.