Third Section: Biogrove Released!

Well, it seems my rapid release schedule for Third Section worked as it is now released and about 1300 words longer than Abandoned. For being written in such a short time, I am very happy with how it turned out and the fact that it is now released. The total word counts for the release sections are now in:

  • Monument: 6,882 words
  • Abandoned: 11,674 words
  • Biogrove: 12,961 words

Total: 31,517 words

So, with all this accomplished, where do we go from here?

Well, to start, there will be no more rapid releases of Library: Book One. This means that you will get the entirety of the final section in the full release of the book in December. After writing the first chapter of Fourth Section and the end of Third Section it became apparent that a rapid release structure isn’t appropriate for the final section.

However, the weekly releases will continue. I can assure you that by noon (or a little after) EST on every Saturday something new will be released. What will be released this week? There will be an announcement on that later depending upon what I decide to go with. There are two things I could very easily release so I’m not sure which one will end up being released on November 6th. I imagine right after I hit ‘publish’ for this post, my mind will instantly decide which one it will be. :3

So for now I’ll be silent for a while whilst planning the structure of Fourth Section, writing Fourth Section, editing Fourth Section, planning a new project, writing that new project, editing that new project, and trying to pull everything together in a way that allows for weekly releases of other content and a timely publishing of Library: Book One.

Until next week when I announce my new project,

-Reyskaw Marcosius Velorus