Third Section Chapter 5 Released

You can find it via the Book One or Release Schedule pages. For more information on the writing of this chapter, follow the link below. There are a few spoilers for Chapter 5, but the core revelations are avoided.

Yes, another Q&A format. Once again these are all questions I’m asking myself as well. I promise one of these days I’ll have questions from a person that isn’t me.

Q: This chapter returns to the Great Library. How do you decide whether a chapter will take place in the Library Complex, Great Library, or both?

A: For this chapter specifically, the choice was obvious. There are only two chapters left in Biogrove, so it was a matter of which story should be told first and which story ends the section. Especially after the end of Chapter 4, it was clear that the Great Library story for Third Section was ready to be concluded. I think once you read Chapter 6 my decision will seem very appropriate.

In general, it really depends on previous content and my plans for where I’m going. For example, Biogrove started off with the Great Library because that sequence really helped to set up the section itself. Chapter 1 then transitioned to the Library Complex because I needed to get the characters to the Biogrove and explain what it was. When writing I just ask myself “can this story be told later? or does it need to be told now?”

Q: Was there any part of this chapter that was difficult to write?

A: The initial writing came very easily. The problem was the editing of the last 700 words or so. There are a few answers given, but I needed to make sure they were given in the right way. I didn’t want to reveal the full truth of things just yet so I needed to obscure the answer in a way that it would make sense later on. Monument was easy to write because of its structure, but these 700 words pained me a bit more. After all, the world had already been introduced and everyone is coming to understand it more. So if those 700 words don’t seem to match up it hurts the integrity of the book.

Q: So did it turn out well in the end?

A: I think so. In my mind everything is still consistent and I believe readers might find it to be a little strange, but there shouldn’t be any contradictions. In a way, this is the best answer to the Great Library you’ll ever get. While I might elaborate upon it further, these final words are the basis from which I’ll expand on it. It shouldn’t be too difficult to understand the Great Library after this chapter. There’s very little information that was completely concealed.

Q: Speaking of figuring things out, is this a book where the reader needs to find the truth for themselves?

A: To be honest, most of the answers are given through the course of the book. The plot and the answers travel together as the book progresses and the difficulty of understanding the truth only decreases as time goes on. However, there are certain spots where readers might not understand if they don’t think a little. I’d like to have a good collection of such things in Fourth Section. My goal is to write it in a way that there are extra things scattered throughout that are capable of being solved, or nods to people that have already solved certain things.

So to summarize: Yes, there are a few things that the reader can solve, but the majority of the story is comprised of questions that are explicitly answered.

Q: So where do we go from here? We’ve already heard about the Fourth Section, so what lies in Chapter 6?

A: I suppose you’ll have to read to find out. Though it’s possible to guess what will happen next if you think a bit.