and Today’s Release

You can now access this blog by going to! I recently decided that it was time to purchase that domain. It was a difficult fight too. There were hordes of people, monsters, and demons all vying for control of Somehow I was able to defeat them all and claim it for myself (at least that’s how I remember that happening…)

The more exciting news today is that the third chapter of Library Third Section is now available for download. This chapter is of a good size and hopefully has some valuable content in it. Even though this is only Chapter 3 of 7 (and the Discussion), I already feel like Biogrove is coming to an end. Right now my mind is so fixated on the path from here to the end of Book One that the only time I can enjoy Biogrove is when I’m writing it. Perhaps next week I’ll be able to focus more on the Biogrove as Chapter 4 is where the Biogrove is explained in detail. And then there’s Chapter 5 where —- and Chapter 6 with the — and Chapter 7 is when —–…

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