Biogrove Q&A

Did someone send me questions to answer?

No, I just like this format for releasing new information.

(Contains spoilers for the first two sections of Library: Book One)

Q: You’ve said there will be a lot of answers in Biogrove. What type of answers can we expect?

A: I think that since the very beginning of the story, back in Monument, there has been one recurring (and mysterious) idea. “There is something beneath the Library.” In Monument we were told by a strange sorcerer that there were demons far beneath the library. In Abandoned we learned about some sort of signal and energy source. So in Biogrove, we will definitely learn more about what lies under the library.

There have been several other questions throughout the story so far that will be addressed. There’s also something that will be addressed that you might not have realized was a question to begin with. This is one part that I nearly forgot about because I’ve planned it for so long. So it’s very exciting to finally reveal it.

Q: Program Blue is clearly a key antagonist. Is he the main villain of the series?

Program Blue’s actions are no doubt villainous. There will definitely be more information on Blue in Biogrove. Hopefully you will begin to question your understanding of him and his goal during the Third Section.

Q: In the past you’ve assigned difficulty levels to the story. How difficult is Biogrove?

A: Monument has the highest difficulty of any section, as it is not only the beginning, but also a unique way to start the story. I think at the time it was appropriate to call it difficult. Abandoned is at a more standard level, something you find in other books that tell stories like this one. Biogrove is very easy and will probably allow the other sections to be understood. So after Third Section, the other two sections become incredibly easy. When it’s all concluded sometime in 2012, I think this will allow Fourth Section to have a unique structure. If you’ve really understood everything then there should be some extra surprises at the end of the book.

Q: Speaking of Fourth Section, the release date has jumped from May 2012 to January 2012. Will you really be able to finish Library: Book One by that time?

A: I believe so. Third Section contains a great deal of answers so I can write without covering much up. This allows me extra time to think about Fourth Section’s structure and how I will tie everything up. It really is exciting to be at this stage and it’s given me a proper perspective on what it’s like to write a series of works (even though each section is technically part of one book).