Writing Update: Day before NaNoWriMo 2011 Edition

Yes, I’m attempting NaNoWriMo 2011. This time I’m determined to win thanks to the format I’ll be writing in. My novel for this year will be Academy (Volume 1), a collection of short stories. Since there’s so much to discuss, I’ve decided to do… another Q&A format!

Q: Don’t you have a lot to write in order to have weekly releases up until the release of Fourth Section in December?

A: Yes! And that’s exactly why I’m doing NaNoWriMo 2011, because I have a lot to write. Fourth Section is going to be at the very least 10,000 words so out of the 50,000 word goal for NaNoWriMo that leaves 40,000. Then I have about 5 weekly releases before Fourth Section’s release. At about 2,000 words each that’s 10,000 more words which leaves 30,000 left. If I’m already writing 20,000 words in November, then what’s 30,000 more?

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Third Section: Biogrove Released!

Well, it seems my rapid release schedule for Third Section worked as it is now released and about 1300 words longer than Abandoned. For being written in such a short time, I am very happy with how it turned out and the fact that it is now released. The total word counts for the release sections are now in:

  • Monument: 6,882 words
  • Abandoned: 11,674 words
  • Biogrove: 12,961 words

Total: 31,517 words

So, with all this accomplished, where do we go from here?

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Early Release

Biogrove Chapter 4 is now available via the Release Schedule page.

I managed to finish early this week, so I decided to go ahead and release it today. Which is interesting as this chapter is far bigger than Chapter 3 and contains a great deal of content and answers. I’m very happy with how Chapter 4 turned out, so please enjoy it.

Reyskaw.com and Today’s Release

You can now access this blog by going to http://reyskaw.com! I recently decided that it was time to purchase that domain. It was a difficult fight too. There were hordes of people, monsters, and demons all vying for control of reyskaw.com. Somehow I was able to defeat them all and claim it for myself (at least that’s how I remember that happening…)

The more exciting news today is that the third chapter of Library Third Section is now available for download. This chapter is of a good size and hopefully has some valuable content in it. Even though this is only Chapter 3 of 7 (and the Discussion), I already feel like Biogrove is coming to an end. Right now my mind is so fixated on the path from here to the end of Book One that the only time I can enjoy Biogrove is when I’m writing it. Perhaps next week I’ll be able to focus more on the Biogrove as Chapter 4 is where the Biogrove is explained in detail. And then there’s Chapter 5 where —- and Chapter 6 with the — and Chapter 7 is when —–…

Weekly Release

I’ve decided to speed up my schedule. Releasing two chapters a month is a bit slow and encourages me to procrastinate more. So now I’ll be publishing a new chapter a week. Following this schedule Library: Book One will be released on January 7th, 2012. This can very easily change depending upon how many chapters I actually need for Third and Fourth Section.

Releasing a chapter a week should work out well, but there’s one thing I cannot do. I refuse to separate the final chapter and the ‘discussion’ at the end of a section, so when I arrive at that point there will be a “break week” in between releases. While I’ll still be releasing content that week, it won’t be part of Library: Book One. I’ll provide more info on this when we arrive at such a week in November.