Writing Update: Short Story Edition?

This writing update contains spoilers for ‘Monument’ and ‘Abandoned’ of Library: Book One. Therefore the rest of this entry has been posted after the jump.

As I’ve been rewriting Library: Book One, I found myself giving it an entirely new feel that is heading towards its conclusion very quickly. The focus has shifted to the Great Library story and the human side is overshadowed by that. I feel that if I keep writing this way, the story will be over in less than 20,000 words. Answers about the world of this series would begin to appear, but almost nothing would be said about Cara and her friends.

I can certainly release a product like that before the end of the year. However, just because I can does not mean I should. The story originally started off with Cara, John, Martha, Adam, and Tracy. The Great Library didn’t exist when I first began writing (as I didn’t know much about the world). With the addition of the Great Library and the writing of Abandoned, the world took shape. To rewrite the story and neglect all that would be an interesting new take on the series thus far, but not a continuation.

So I have decided to continue with the original work. I’m even considering a more rapid release schedule where instead of releasing Third Section at the end of December, I would post several chapters at the end of each month that would lead up to the conclusion in December. I’ll make another post if I decide to do this. A decision will come fairly quickly as this would only work if I can get out the first few chapters before October 1st. Below is an example of a possible release schedule:

September 30th- Third Section Chapters 1 and 2

October 28th- Third Section Chapters 3 and 4

November 25th- Third Section Chapters 5 and 6

December 30th- Third Section Chapters 7, 8, and Discussion

I’ll probably reach a decision on this by the end of next week.