Writing Update: Rewriting Edition

Yes, I’m rewriting Library: Book One, Sections 1-2. After spending so much time writing and thinking about this world, I now have a much better idea of its structure and focus. I made this decision today, wrote 3,000 words, and I can tell this is the right choice. The world has a wonderful feeling to it under this new structure and focus.

The elements are the same so far and I don’t anticipate a major difference between the plot of the current release and the upcoming one. The rewriting process is going very well so far and I believe I can rewrite everything and release Third Section by the end of the year. I’m very excited to have a project this big and so I’m delaying the ??? project for a bit.

I look forward to writing this new and improved version. Make no mistake, I stand by every word I’ve released so far and I’m happy with the releases. This new version is an improvement from something I was already happy with. So I’m very excited about it.