Writing Update: 1 Week After ‘Abandoned’ Edition

Writing for Third Section’s rough draft has already begun. So far I have just over 3,000 words and the plot is beginning to take shape. I anticipate this next section will be longer than Abandoned (which was 12,000 words). I don’t know how much longer it will be but it will push Library: Book One past 30,000 words which is a satisfying number for me.

The interesting thing about Third Section is that while writing Abandoned, the plot was something that I feared would give me a headache. Now though, I’m more worried about Abandoned than I am about Third Section.

It’s also safe to say at this point that Fourth Section will wrap up Library: Book One. As I expected, the entire book will be available before September 2012. I’m currently looking at a full release date sometime between May and August.

I’ve also got another writing project in the works which might debut before 2011 is over. It will take place in a completely new world. Even if it doesn’t begin in 2011, it will definitely be released sometime in the future. However, an announcement will definitely be coming by the end of 2011 to replace the new ??? section.