Writing Update: Rewriting Edition

Yes, I’m rewriting Library: Book One, Sections 1-2. After spending so much time writing and thinking about this world, I now have a much better idea of its structure and focus. I made this decision today, wrote 3,000 words, and I can tell this is the right choice. The world has a wonderful feeling to it under this new structure and focus.

The elements are the same so far and I don’t anticipate a major difference between the plot of the current release and the upcoming one. The rewriting process is going very well so far and I believe I can rewrite everything and release Third Section by the end of the year. I’m very excited to have a project this big and so I’m delaying the ??? project for a bit.

I look forward to writing this new and improved version. Make no mistake, I stand by every word I’ve released so far and I’m happy with the releases. This new version is an improvement from something I was already happy with. So I’m very excited about it.

Writing Update: 1 Week After ‘Abandoned’ Edition

Writing for Third Section’s rough draft has already begun. So far I have just over 3,000 words and the plot is beginning to take shape. I anticipate this next section will be longer than Abandoned (which was 12,000 words). I don’t know how much longer it will be but it will push Library: Book One past 30,000 words which is a satisfying number for me.

The interesting thing about Third Section is that while writing Abandoned, the plot was something that I feared would give me a headache. Now though, I’m more worried about Abandoned than I am about Third Section.

It’s also safe to say at this point that Fourth Section will wrap up Library: Book One. As I expected, the entire book will be available before September 2012. I’m currently looking at a full release date sometime between May and August.

I’ve also got another writing project in the works which might debut before 2011 is over. It will take place in a completely new world. Even if it doesn’t begin in 2011, it will definitely be released sometime in the future. However, an announcement will definitely be coming by the end of 2011 to replace the new ??? section.

Writing Update: Book One Edition

I have decided that the collection of all the Library Sections (Monument, Abandoned, etc.) will be called Library: Book One. This was an idea that came to me around the time I was thinking about the end of this series of works. Each release from now until the end of the series in 2012 will be entitled “Library: Book One, Progressive Release Edition”.

The only harm in naming these works as Book One is that it can be interpreted as meaning “there will be a Book Two”. This may not be the case. Even if a Library: Book Two was to be written, it might have no connection to Book One. Right now I have no interest in writing a direct sequel to Book One after it is complete.

Not even I know what I will write after Library: Book One is complete. Though I do have some ideas…