Writing Update: Placing Hints Edition

The editing of Library Second Section: Abandoned is going very well. Besides making it easier to read and clarifying information, I’ve also added a great deal of hints. If you were to read it and then go back and read it again, these hints will probably become very obvious. At least that’s what I’m aiming for.

Actually a nice amount of hints concerning the ending of the series also appear. I’ve been struggling with their presentation though. I want them to exist so that you can go back and say “So this really was planned all along!”. These types of hints are difficult to create. I have plenty of time to work on them though. 15 days remain until August 12th.

So in this 1/2 of a month I’ll be refining Abandoned even more. Another 1,000 words have already been added which brings the total (including Monument) up to 19,000 words. Now that I look at that number, maybe I’ve already placed too many hints. I should save some for Third Section…