Writing Update: Monument Retrospective Edition

Oh, it’s good. Much better than I thought.

After I first released Monument, I thought it was terrible. “It’s filled with traps and not entertaining at all. Who would want to read this?” And now after reading it many months later I am very happy with it. It really is a nice beginning point, a nice introduction. All I could see were the traps that I left within, but with the mindset of a new reader, those traps are fun. You don’t know that they’re there and they spin a fun tale.

It’s certainly not the best work ever written, but it is much better than I had expected. As I edit Abandoned and consider the plot for Third Section, I am now truly excited.

My despair in February wasn’t very grounded in reality. I should never given up on the series, not even for a day.

With my spirit that increases with each day, I promise to deliver the best series I can.