Writing Update: Stuff to Do Edition

Library Second Section: Monument releases on August 12th. Right now I’d say it’s about 80% done. I finished the rough draft in May and went through and edited it in June. But what exactly do I have to do now?

1st: I would like to read through Abandoned again and make more edits. I’ll use this time to review certain hints as well and either remove, add to, or clarify them.

2nd: I want to read through Monument and go straight into Abandoned to see how well it transitions. I won’t rewrite any sections of Monument, but I can rewrite the beginning of Abandoned if it’s necessary. There is a change in perspective between these two parts so I want to make sure it is done well.

In the past I used to hate editing. I thought the purpose was to make the work ‘better’ by catching typos and rewording things. That isn’t entirely true though. Editing is the process by which the work becomes enjoyable. By looking at the transition between Monument and Abandoned, spreading hints, looking at it from the perspectives of different readers it’s easy to see that this is not improvement for the sake of improvement. For the first time I am extremely happy to edit my work.

I’m very excited to be at this stage.