Writing Update: “Goodbye, Camp” Edition

I’m done with Camp NaNoWriMo. I’ve never been successful with NaNoWriMo either (my first was ’09 and I tried again in ’10). I can do it for the first few days, but then everything goes horribly wrong. :3

It wasn’t a complete waste of time though. I now understand that Third Section can’t go the direction I tried to take it. While everything is still canon, it is too much of a deviation from the main story. I may find a way to sneak some of that material in there, but it definitely won’t be as in-depth as it would have been. So now I’m thinking of new ways to handle Third Section.

Abandoned is also nearly complete now. I’ll go through it at least once more to clean everything up, and I’ll probably rewrite the very end (so that it is presented better) but other than that it has all the relevant information. In addition to some extra things that I slipped in there. Though now that I think about it there are two small story elements I might want to expand upon a little bit more.

I’m very happy with the way the story has formed, and I hope it isn’t too much of a twist. As I mentioned previously the atmosphere in Monument differs greatly from the atmosphere in Abandoned. I’ve spent a lot of time with the material so it makes sense to me, but I’ll try to look at it from a viewpoint of a person who has just finished reading Monument.