Camp NaNoWriMo 2011 July Session: Day 1

Day 1: Success. I exceeded my word goal of about 1600 words and reached 1888. For my Camp project I am writing the rough draft of Library Third Section. I would say more, but I haven’t released Abandoned yet! All I can say is that I am extremely happy with the story direction for both Library 2 and Library 3 (I love Library 1 as well).

There’s also the benefit to writing the rough draft of Library 3 while I’m working on editing 2. Information begins to trickle down. It’s easier to place hints or add in missing dialogue when you know you will be focusing on certain things. No “new” information is being included in Library 2, but I’ve changed the presentation a bit. For the better. 😀

Because I’m supposed to write 50,000 words for Camp that means that Library Third Section will be significantly longer than the first two. It will probably be the largest in the series as I anticipate Library 4 will be the last part and will be a good size, but less than 50,000 words. But it is important to remember that nothing is set in stone. The original idea for Library 3 is vastly different than what I am writing now. The elements from the original version are still a part of the mythology, but the narrative itself is different.

All the story elements are coming together and once again, I couldn’t be happier with the direction the story is taking.