Writing Update: Pre-Camp NaNoWriMo Edition

Yes, I will be participating in Camp NaNoWriMo during July. Even so, as I’ve said many many times, this will not impact the release of Library Second Section. The first editing pass has already been completed and I see no reason why it shouldn’t be completed in time for release this August. Specific details are coming very soon including:



*Description of Content

*Cover Art

I have also decided to close my BookRix account. While I believe BookRix is a unique platform, I don’t believe that it is appropriate for my works. Currently the only way to access “Library First Section: Monument” will be via PDF download.

“Library First Section: Monument” now available for download.

The text is the same as the Bookrix version, but some people may not like the style utilized by BookRix. So I have created a PDF version that can be downloaded. To do this please visit the Library Series section of my blog.

There is of course no fee to do this. You are free to download it as many times as you’d like and you may even distribute or modify it. However I ask that you do not take credit for writing this work. Library Second Section will be available on both BookRix and this site (in PDF format) when it launches late Summer 2011.