Writing Update: Q&A Edition

Did I get sent questions to answer? Not at all.

I just thought a Q&A format would be fun for my next Writing Update. And this is that Writing Update.

Q: How is Library Second Section progressing?

A: The rough draft is coming along well and is on schedule to be finished before June. The release date is still August 2011 as planned.

Q: Is this “Alpha Fragments” side project interfering with the release of Library Second Section in any way?

A: Not at all! The two are coexisting quite well. I can easily release a few Alpha Fragments a month while I work on the Library series.

Q: How long will the Library series be?

A: It’s difficult to tell but right now I think it will be told in 4 parts. Part 1, Monument, was very short. Part 2 should be longer and about the same length as Part 3. Part 4 should be around the same size as Parts 2 and 3, but it could end up being longer and have to be split into a Part 4 and 5. But chances are it will be a 4 part series.

Q: Part 1 of the Library Series, Monument, was very short. Because of that, is it not an accurate representation of the series as a whole?

A: I think in a certain way it represents the series very well. There are a lot of traps in Monument, but there are also a lot of hints as well. I think that especially in Part 3 where some major answers should be revealed, you might look back at Monument and say “Oh, so that was what that was hinting at.” I’ve said it many times before, but Monument isn’t very solid. You can’t take everything at its surface reality.

Q: Will Second Section be drastically different from Monument?

A: I think most people will be surprised at the direction Second Section takes. Most people were probably tricked by Monument and so Second Section probably will feel drastically different. Part 3 will certainly help to clear things up.

Q: Last question of the day: When will the Library series end?

A: If all goes according to plan, before the end of 2012. I have release dates in mind for Part 3 and Part 4, so as long as I release Part 2 on time I see no reason why the series wouldn’t be finished in 2012. Then again, you never know what direction a story might take.