What are these Alpha Fragments? (Fragment Alpha-5)

Alpha Fragments are said to be stories set in the Alpha. Though no one really knows what the Alpha is. Is it one world? A multiverse? An onmniverse? Something that cannot be comprehended?

Even this is one of the Alpha Fragments. I hope that the theory that the Alpha Fragments are the remains of destroyed worlds is not true. Because that means I am dead and this is all that has survived. At the time I am writing this I am alive and I do not foresee the end of my world… so what are these Alpha Fragments?

They must be more than stories. Because this is an examination, a small essay, on their very nature. This is not a story but something written by one who understands the Alpha Fragments well enough to know that this is one of them.

But what ARE they? I have never seen an Alpha Fragment myself… I don’t even know what they look like. If that theory that they are fragments of a shattered world is true, then I cannot even comprehend what one would look like.

But I KNOW they exist. I KNOW what I am writing is an Alpha Fragment. Maybe it was one, or will be one in the future to come, but it will surely be an Alpha Fragment in some time or place. How can I be so sure?

I just know this for a fact. Many who have read my works have laughed at me for believing in the Alpha Fragments. Few have heard of them, and the few who have cannot agree on what they are. One man even told me that the Alpha Fragments were beings. Beings that were limited, yet still managed to transcend reality and exist eternally. I cannot deny this.

Another man, Ronald Arthur Velorus, devoted his entire life to the study of the Alpha Fragments. He told me that he had captured one. I asked what that meant as capture has many meanings. You can capture a memory, a beast, a word… mostly everything can be captured.

He simply told me that was the correct word. That because it had so many meanings it was one of the few words that held the ability to describe how one interacts with an Alpha Fragment. I asked if I could see it and he told me that it couldn’t be seen. He left me a number though. He said it was the sixth Alpha Fragment.

I feel like I don’t know anything of the Alpha Fragments even after all this research. I am still sure that this essay is one of them though. Maybe a being that exists in a higher plane of reality or thought will one day acknowledge that.

I still wish and hope that one day I will know what the Alpha Fragments are. The answer has to be out there somewhere within my reach. So I won’t stop until I’ve reached that.

-K. L. Way