Emperor (Fragment Alpha-4)

It’s dark. This world is made of nothing but darkness. Someone must rule this darkness. But there is no one here.

“Arise, King of Darkness.” I said. And someone was created, someone to rule over the darkness.

But absolute rule is no fun. So I created some Earth for the King of Darkness. While that land is his, for this dark world belongs solely to him, he could never hold dominion over the Earth itself.

“Arise, King of Earth.” I said.

“Arise, King of Light.”

“Arise, King of Water.”

“Arise, King of Fire.”

“Arise, King of Life.”

And so many beings and elements arose into the world. It’s not so boring anymore. There’s a powerful race of beings that lives here and tries to conquer everything.

They have much territory, so I call them the Earthholders. They can’t really hold anything though as they have no arms, only snake-like bodies.

The Earthholders have conquered much but there is something they can’t conquer. Death. For I am the King of Death and Life. I’ve always been the King of Death in this world, but another used to hold the title of King of Life. He was too kind to the Earthholders though so I made it so I would be the King of Life.

I who hold Life, Death, and Creation am the true ruler of this world. However, the Earthholders speak of more.

They say that there are many worlds besides this one. I wonder if that is true. If it is, then this world is more than something to keep me entertained and away from boredom. It is the Army that I can use to conquer the other worlds.

I wonder what the gods of the other worlds are like. They may be more powerful than I am, but I will not accept defeat. I will raise an Army that can claim any world.

The Earthholders speak of a being like this in their legends. They called him Vyro the Emperor and said he once lived in this world long ago. I cannot say a being like this didn’t exist, but it is not a being who has ever crossed paths with me.

So I suppose that is who I am, then.

I am Vyro. Emperor of Life, Death, and Creation.