Archaeological Discovery (Fragment Alpha-3)

“Director Hawking. We’ve recently recovered another artifact from the Codeyan digsite.” reported an archaeologist.

“More pottery?”

“No, this is something quite exciting. It’s written in an ancient language but in the time that it took to transport here to the Museum, they were able to translate it.”

“And what does it say?”

“It speaks of a legend from this ancient civilization. It tells of three great and powerful objects. Some sort of barrier, key, and door that protect some power that is central to the very universe itself. The legend says that this power allows one to transcend mortal boundaries and become an immortal deity.”

“And what does it say of the location of these three items?”

“Unfortunately, it says nothing. We believe that the rest of this legend might be recorded on other tablets and they are looking for them as we speak. They are also searching the building we found it in which is believed to be a temple of some sort.”

“Your progress is excellent. Please tell my assistant to take care of that tablet on your way out.”

“Yes, Director.”

The archaeologist left the Directors office. Director Hawking went to his desk and took out a notebook. Inside of it were many observations centering around the number three. It was a number that had appeared throughout countless ancient civilizations. Three objects relating to one incredible power. It was a common theme in all of the legends.

But none had ever named the three objects before. For the first time there was a sense of what these three objects were: a barrier, a key, and a door.