A Small Storm… (Fragment Alpha-1)

Reyskaw looked up at the sky. Storm clouds were clearly gathering and the sky was getting darker. It had been predicted that it would rain today, so Reyskaw expected this type of sky. However, there was an elemental darkness in the air as well.

A dark force was gathering in power and Reyskaw was trying to tell what that force was. The good thing was the force wasn’t that powerful. The storm was interfering with his ability to detect it, and if a storm that was only just starting could mask that dark power, then it couldn’t be that bad.

But it was growing. Reyskaw knew this. So he left the grassy hill he was standing atop and moved towards a house at the base of the hill. This house was hidden and protected by a great deal of magic, so only Reyskaw could see it.

The source of this power was a minitature crystal obelisk that sat in the center of the small house. Reyskaw walked inside (because of the magical defense, there was no need for a door) and placed both hands on the obelisk.

There was a weak vibration and humming noise. As Reyskaw attempted to use this crystal to contact a friend of his, the humming and vibration grew weaker. There was a loud crashing sound, thunder, outside and rain began to pour down.

There was no way a storm would be able to interfere with the power of that crystal. And yet, Reyskaw couldn’t detct any presence that could be responsible for this. The darkness in the air was just as faint as it was before.

Something frightening was happening. So Reyskaw quickly grabbed the crystal out of a small golden basin filled with a bit of water, and ran. Only a few feet from his house, lightning struck and decimated it.

The storm wasn’t that powerful though… no, it was. Reyskaw looked at the sky to find it filled with black clouds. It wasn’t that the storm or the darkness wasn’t powerful, it was that something was masking everything.

Some unknown force was masking all of the nearby energy. The crystal, the storm, the darkness… but what force was capapble of doing such a thing? Could a deity be involved somehow?

Reyskaw continued to run through the forest nearby the place where his home once stood. He then spotted a rift of naturally occurring primal energy. This was his only opportunity to escape this world….

Reyskaw stretched out his hand that was holding the crystal and connected it to the tip of the rift. The crystal used its amazing strength to absorb the raw primal energy and convert it into an energy that Reyskaw was capable of using. In a bright flash, Reyskaw moved himself from the world of Codeya to the world of Vyro.