Writing Update: Cold Spring Edition

Snow within the first week of spring is never a good thing. I was looking forward to the warm weather so much…

Library Second Section is progressing well. The current version is something I am very happy with so I believe this will be the basis for the final product. Then again, I did just scrap an entire draft not too long ago 😉

Everything is still on track for a Summer 2011 release.

Writing Update: Pi Day Edition

The rough draft for Library Second Section has been completely scrapped. It occurred to me that the beginning was unnecessarily difficult, so I found a better way to approach this second part of the story. Hopefully you will find this version much easier in terms of difficulty.

Believe it or not, Second Section is still on track for a release in the summer. Even though I’ve encountered so many issues, they are all parts of the writing process. These issues are only making the story better and better. I look forward to sharing it with everyone soon. Hopefully in less than 1/2 a year.

Writing Update: Winter’s End Edition

Very soon Winter will be over, and I will be able to get back to writing as much as I want to. It is very difficult for me to write in the Winter, which is part of the reason that Library First Section: Monument was so short. However, Library Second Section should be much longer as I’ve discussed in previous Writing Updates.

Slowly my inspiration for writing is coming back, and I completed a small section for Second Section that I am very happy with. This small section opens up a lot of doors and has shown me possibilities for the story that I was unable to see before. It’s moments like this that keep me motivated to write.

The warm weather is on its way…. 😀

Writing Update: Confused Edition?

It seems that every time I make a post, my writing plans change. So I apologize for that.  :3

I’ve been struggling to decide what projects to move forward with and which ones to leave for later. Currently I have two that I am working on. One is a visual novel form of Library: Monument and the other is Library Second Section.

The problem is, if I am able to put together Library: Monument in visual novel form… shouldn’t I just do the same for Second Section? But if I pursue that and it doesn’t work out… it’ll cut into my writing time for Library Second Section. So my big choice right now is whether or not I turn Library into a visual novel/semi-visual novel series… or if I work on just completing it in text form.

Hopefully I’ll be able to reach a decision soon.