Writing Update: Reyskaw’s History Edition

After reviewing my last post, I think it is necessary to post my writing history and future plans in full. So here we go:

August 2009: This is where it all began. On a Monday I decided that I was going to start writing. So I began work on “The Orin Chronicles Prologue: Infusion”. The ideas came to my head and I wrote them down as they did. Over the course of that work, I produced and semi-edited around 20,000 words. I then released that on BookRix under the name Reyskaw.

Having finished something like that, I was immensely proud of myself. I never thought I would be able to write a story lasting 5,000 words and I managed to do four times that. A completely spontaneous and absolutely fun project was how I began writing.

September 2009-November 2010: The Orin Chronicles was of course planned as a series. During this long period of time I tried to plan and write the next book in the series, but I abandoned that project. There were several other projects I attempted at that time, but all of them were abandoned.

December 2010: This is when I created my first sci-fi series, Library First Section: Monument. While only around 6,000 words it was the start of a new series. The work was released on December 31st, but  not really finished until a week later when some revisions and about 1,000 words were added.

My plans from there were to write Library Second Section and release that. I stated a few times on my blog that the purpose of the first book was to introduce the characters and the setting. However, I also did something in Library First Section that I didn’t mention: I laid traps. For an introduction to be that tricky… it made me lose hope for the future of the series.

When I wrote that last post I talked about delaying Second Section in favor of a new project because of those traps. At that time, I saw no way to correct my mistakes. However, I now see how foolish that was. There is a very easy way to correct those mistakes and it completely fits into the rules of the world. From the very beginning of the story, this path was always an option.

So I am proud to announce that Library Second Section will take precedence over my new project. It will definitely be released before the end of 2011.