Monument Updates + 2011

The first chapter of “Library First Section: Monument” has been polished and updated on BookRix. It is a great improvement over the previous version and gives many more hints (and descriptions) to the world of the Library series. The rest of the work is in the process of being updated as well. This process should be completed by the end of the week and will display the standard that I hope to exceed for Library Second Section (coming later this year).

After this short project is completed (which probably should have been done before the “official release”) I’ll move on to Library Second Section. Originally I was going to release a different project in mid-2011 but I want to give Library Second Section a higher priority. It will definitely be released in 2011 but I cannot say when just yet.

As the year goes on I’ll continue to update my blog concerning Library Second Section and you can expect a release announcement about one month before Library Second Section is released.