Monument Finished! + Released

Release Notice: Please visit the “Library Series” page for the link!

The first part of the Library series is now finished (and the Library Series page has been updated). The novella is only 5,000 words long but I think it is a good introduction to the series. Tomorrow the book will be released on BookRix.

If everything goes according to plan, the alternate version of Monument: a sound novel with choices, will be released mid-2011. “Library Second Section” should be ready before the end of 2011 as well and it will probably be ten times the length of Monument. The tone of the story will probably be a bit different as well.

Name Change

Yesterday when I was making the cover for Monument, I decided to change the name of the work. “Library: Monument” was an accurate name, but it didn’t have anything that said ‘first in a series’. So I decided to change the name to “Library First Section: Monument”. This way the titles can easily change to “Library Second Section”, “Library Third Section”, etc.

It also gives a nice hint as to how the series will progress.

Editing is going well and should be finished on time. The “Library First Section: Monument” page has also been updated with the cover.

Rough Draft Finished

The rough draft for “Library: Monument” is now complete. It’s very short, but I think it serves its purpose well. “Library: Monument” is a short novella that acts as an introduction to the Library series. By the time it is over, you should have a good sense of the characters and the setting. That type of understanding is my goal right now.

Of course it also introduces some of the key mysteries of the series. Because of this, there are some traps that might catch you. Those traps are few in number though so you should probably trust most of the material.

12/15 Announcement

This Wednesday around 4 PM EST, the ??? Page will be updated with the details of my current project. I’ll be revealing the title and a short description. The Prologue page will also be removed and placed in this section. I can’t say much more, but I can let you know that I am confident that this work will be released on 12/31 as planned.

The only other thing that I can confirm is that this work will be available for free. There’s also something else I have to announce, but that can wait until Wednesday. 😉

Choosing the Choices

I haven’t written as much as I wanted to, but I’m still making progress and I’m still on schedule for a 12/31 release. I’ve only just begun writing the first choice and its made me re-think the choice points. I’ve been asking myself: Is this choice really necessary? and Do I need to have X amount of choices?

My original outline had 3 choices for the first choice point and then each of those choices led to a choice point with another 3 choices. While that leads to 9 different endings, they’d all be shorter in order for me to fit them in. So instead I’ve decided to just add in the choices where it makes sense. So at this moment in time I have no idea what new paths the story might take. 😀

Not knowing where you might go is the reason to give players choices in the first place, right?

Writing and Planning

Progress on my current project is about 15% right now. I’ve gotten the Prologue completely wrapped up and I only have a bit of work to do on Chapter 1. This is the first time I’ll be releasing a project with choices that the reader can make, so I’ve been giving that a lot of thought. Hopefully by the end of this weekend all three variants of Chapter 2 will be written which will bring me up to 35%.

In total the story will have 2 choices. One after Chapter 1 and one after Chapter 2. There may not necessarily be a correct solution, but there will definitely be an ending that is better than the others. What I’m really interested in right now though is how evil I can make the “worst” ending. :3